The Journey to Enlightenment in Ping Pong: The Animation

Fine Whining and Breathing

I’ve recently been catching myself rewatching the last few episodes of Ping Pong over and over again. The show is incredibly well-constructed, with every frame and shot made with the complete dedication that only a genius like Masaaki Yuasa could offer. After reading select chapters from the Ping Pong manga, it’s obvious that Yuasa uplifted the original work by adding his own directorial flair, including important pieces of character development and philosophical exploration that the original mangaka often never included at all. And it’s difficult not to scream out in internal joy when we see folks like Kazama and Smile finally becoming enlightened at the end of the show.

Ping Pong: The Animation - We're all alive, that's why we laugh, red hands in a circle reaching for the sun
Yes, enlightened.

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