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Even more poems

white noise blankets the silence;
blackness shadows the times.
and out from the center,
in the stillness of solitude,
the soul resounds.
I live like a city rat:
I come out at night,
I ignore the stoplights,
and I’m not trying to be trite,
but sometimes I may bite.
Admiring the dead trees who, like me, aren’t old
Smoking like a chimney to beat the cold
Buildings conquer the nighttime,
Their light makes one bold.


I said like a year ago I’d post some creative writing, so here it is:


a still gray mass
a light gray mist
enshrouds a corpse
the body of a tree
fallen wayside
that will not be mourned

though many pass
and many leaves
descend to the ground
the burial procession
like a cold gust
enlivens the walking dead


the songbirds praise the new day
on the graveyard shift

as the birds twitter and wassail
the sun creeps uninvited

intruders and interrupters
of the dreamer’s mind

he knows not their goodwill
only the incessant cacophony

the chill of morn
the blanket pulled tighter
the pillow pulled higher
the body stretched further
the mind dulled

made sharper

by the shrill noise
only matched
by the ultimatum:
the clock beeps

at least the birds
stay outside

Wadi Rum:

red sand and yellow sun
and the deceptively cool breeze
up a dune
down another

up a dune
down another
the heat hides
the sweat steals away
yet the mind
feels betrayed

you slip

in the red
of the sand

up a dune
down another